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FarmClust is a community focused, online food marketplace where people can order varieties of locally produced food items from food producers around their location, and share helpful posts about food, nutrition and healthy living. FarmClust is all about enabling local sourcing of food so that people can eat the freshest of foods and live healthier as they grow.

We believe that if the time required for food to get from producers to consumers is extremely short, it will be much easier to eat freshly harvested or produced foods and reduce the need for chemical preservation of most foods to improve shelf life. For this reason, FarmClust was born to promote sourcing and production of food at community level where people can get the opportunity to know exactly where their food is coming from and exchange information about what they eat.

The founder of FarmClust, Elizabeth F. Akinsanya, created FarmClust to bridge a gap she noticed and give back to her adopted country. She moved to Australia with her young family in 2019, having relocated under the Australia Regional Skilled Migration Program.

Elizabeth has lifetime goals to make a difference to people’s lives and create a platform that empowers people to thrive economically and emotionally. She is passionate about community, wellness and empowerment which she seeks to promote through FarmClust.

Our VISION is to build healthier, more connected and prosperous local communities.

Our MISSION is to enable people eat fresh and live well by sourcing food directly from producers around their local community, and sharing helpful information about food with others.

Our DESIRE is to see Australians and people all over the world gain stronger connections with local food producers around their communities, help one another make healthier food choices and build economically vibrant communities especially in regional areas.

Our LONG TERM GOAL of the business is to export the services and benefits of FarmClust other countries and continents of the world.

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We are building a social food community where people can source their foods from local producers and share their food stories with others.