About Us



FarmClust is a social food marketplace platform that makes it easier, faster and cheaper for:

  • farmers, food producers and suppliers to sell their produce locally, state-wide or across Australia.
  • families and businesses to buy all kinds of fresh food produce, directly from various local farmers, food producers and suppliers in one place.

FarmClust also enables people to make healthier food choices through peer to peer sharing and exchange of information about their food interest.


Farmclust social food marketplace is a product of Farm Meat 2 U.

Farm Meat 2 U started as a wholesale meat business idea In October 2019. It gradually evolved into a vision to build healthier, more connected and prosperous local communities, through a platform that enables local residents to source their foods from nearby farms, food producers or suppliers, build relationships from shopping together and share knowledge about food and health with one another.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect Australians to sources of farm fresh foods within their locality, empower communities to thrive by doing business together and build healthier communities by sharing information about food and healthy living with one another.

Our Founder

Farm Meat 2 U was founded by Mrs Elizabeth F. Akinsanya. Elizabeth is an experienced business developer and entrepreneur who moved into Australia with her young family in 2019, under the Australian Regional Skilled Migration Program, which was designed to attract migrants who can make a significant contribution to the Australian economy and help to stimulate economic growth. Elizabeth is very passionate about empowering people to thrive economically and emotionally. She loves harmony and hates to see people sad. Her passion and lifetime goals are intricately woven into the sense of community, wellness and empowerment Farmclust seeks to promote.

FarmClust project is managed by Elizabeth and a team of specialized local and foreign experts. It has been well supported by the NSW Business Connect advisory support team from idea to launch stage. All teams will continue to work together to achieve the long term goals of the business.

Our Long Term Goal

To export the services of FarmClust from Australia to other countries and continents of the world within the next decade.

Our Desire

FarmClust team looks forward to seeing Australians and people all over the world gain stronger connections with local food producers/ suppliers around their communities, help one another make healthier food choices and build economically vibrant communities especially in regional areas.

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We are building a social food community where people can source their foods from local producers and share their food stories with others.