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FarmClust makes it easier for you to sell your food produce at your preferred volume, within your chosen location and in less time.

Selling on FarmClust will help buyers within your chosen service area to find and buy your products with ease. Whether you produce on a small or large scale, FarmClust makes it easy for you to sell your products in retail and bulk quantities.

Concerned about deliveries? We got you covered! FarmClust allows your customers to either pick up from you or have the products delivered if you offer this option. So easy! Start selling.


Sell Wholesale or Retail FarmClust provides you with a cooperative business community that makes it easy for you to sell out small and large volumes of product offers with less hassle.

Connect with buyers faster. You get the chance to build a lasting and rewarding relationship with locals around your community and connect on a deeper level as you share your product and business stories like never before.

Don't guess. Know the products people in your service area are looking for. You get the opportunity to know and fulfil unmet product needs of people in your service location through their wishlist to local suppliers.

Pick up or delivery options. Majority of your customers and service providers would be around your local community. So you can choose either to offer delivery or pick up options for products  sold.

How It works

FarmClust enables group(s) of consumers to cooperatively buy in bulk quantities from farmers and food producers. You can create retail or wholesale deals, specify your minimum order quantity and offer end date for wholesale. With this, you can sell off your fresh produce faster without incuring loss from spoilage after harvest or extra cost on preservatives.


Mr Mike has got 5 registered cattle to be processed for sales consumers. He puts it up the equivalent packaged bulk quantities for sale on FarmClust. Lidia sees the deal, it is fantastic but too much for her to buy. Lidia then creates a buying group, buys the quantity she is comfortable with, and invite friends who she thinks would like to get this offer. They each buy the quantity they are comfortable with and also invite their friends until Mike’s beef is sold out. Mike sends his cattle to licensed processors through Liz the cattle transporter and gets the beef delivered to everyone through Roys who has his licenced delivery services listed on FarmClust or elsewhere.

Become a complementary service provider

Many food producers and consumers love to connect and shake hands, but operations in between often make it difficult to achieve. Here is an awesome opportunity to bridge the gap with your services where possible. Sign up now to connect with local producers in your community.

Start a business in your local community

One of the best places to start and grow your business is within your local community. Great opportunities abound for you to start a business along the food value chain in your local community either full time or as a side hustle. Possible areas you could look at are

  • Food blogging 
  • Home gardening classes
  • Meat retailing
  • Freelance family Cook
  • Animal farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Animal transportation
  • Fresh meat delivery services
  • Seasonal vegetable gardening
  • Farming/ gardening consultancy
  • Farm space rental
  • And lots more
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