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Shopping on Farmclust can be fun and rewarding for both you and your local community. You could get to build valuable relationships while shopping and sharing your food interest.locally.  And who knows? Perhaps you may find friends for life! 


Connect With local Farms. Eating your foodis not enough. Knowing where your food is coming from and how it was grown is a way of being responsible to your body. Now, finding foods in season could just be a same day delivery or  few minutes drive away.

Save more. Buy with friends. When you find wholesale deals from your local suppliers, you can have fun and save more by creating and sharing your group buy link with friends through your Facebook, Whatsapp it twitter handle.

Determine what you get served. By making product WISHES onFarmClust you get the opportunity to influence how your food is produced. Because you as a buyer have direct access to your food producers, you can share your wish for healthy alternatives rather that settle for what is made available to you. Remember, as the end user, your needs are likely to be health rather than profit driven. So, your product requirement from your local producers would vary from middlemen who buy from producers to supply you.

Better welfare and motivation for local producers: Selling directly to you as an end user could help local producers overcome the price-taking Vs low sales challenge they faced for decades, make farming more attractive to younger generation of farmers and keep healthy foods coming to our tables.

Go social with your Food cultureYou can share exciting pictures, Videos, articles and recipes of your food discoveries or what did with products you bought on FarmClust. You can help other people discover more empowering ways to eat, enjoy or prepare their meals. Now is the time to go social with your food adventures.

What more? You may  be able to start a business too!

Invite local producers to serve your local community. You can invite local farmers and producers of food that you are onable to find on FarmClust by using any of the social media invite links.


Start a business in your local community

One of the best places to start and grow your business is within your local community. Great opportunities may abound for you to start a business along the food value chain in your local community either full time or as a side hustle. Possible areas you could look at are

  • Food blogging 
  • Home gardening classes
  • Meat retailing
  • Freelance family Cook
  • Animal farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Animal transportation
  • Fresh meat delivery services
  • Seasonal vegetable gardening
  • Farming/ gardening consultancy
  • Farm space rental
  • And lots more

Categories of primary products currently open for listing on FarmClust

  • Wine & beer
  • Herbs & spices
  • Dairy, Cheese, eggs
  • Fruit & vegetable
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Grains & dried goods
  • Honey
  • Meat & poultry
  • Seafoods
  • Mushrooms & Fungi
  • oils
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